‘Half-Life 3′ Confirmed?’ Release Date In 2015 For PC According To Swedish Game Retailer

A brand new retail listing found at Swedish video game store, Webhallen has once again stoked the belief that “Half-Life 3” may actually exist. According to the barebones product page, “Half-Life 3’s” release date may be in 2015 for PC platforms.

That being said, this is far from the first time that rumors of “Half-Life 3’s” impending release have found their way onto the net. Ever since the critically acclaimed “Half-Life 2” changed the face of first-person shooters in 2004, Valve fans have been clamoring for a follow up. Lo and behold, over a decade has passed, and there is little to no evidence that a “Half-Life 3” exists at all. At best, it has become a pipedream for industry enthusiasts that will seemingly never come true.

The most direct mention of “Half-Life 3” came during the summer of this year when Counter-Strike creator Minh Le confirmed that the game is being worked on in some vague capacity. In the scope of that interview, Le mentions seeing concept art that, at the very least, looks like it could have come from the “Half-Life” universe.

All things considered, the rumor front has been somewhat quiet for “Half-Life 3” until today’s mysterious listing was located. Still, considering how barren the informational site looks, one has to question if the product was listed by mistake or possibly even as a joke.

One saving grace that adds a bit of validity to this story is that in Sweden Webhallen is a reasonably popular games retailer. In fact, from 2005 to 2013, the chain was owned by none other than Amazon. To date, it’s comprised of nine Swedish stores as well as the referenced online marketplace.

That may sound small when considering the scope of massive U.S. conglomerates like GameStop, but for Sweden alone, that amount of stores isn’t exactly a tiny distribution channel. In short, Webhallen has become a name that many Swedish gamers trust. The question that begs to be answered is if the rest of the world should take its “Half-Life 3” 2015 release date without thinking twice.

It’s worth mentioning that the “Half-Life 3” product page mentions that all of its posted information is subject to change at any time.

“Half-Life 3” confirmed has been a pervasive Internet meme for the past decade, but is it actually true this time? Is “Half-Life 3’s” release date really happening in 2015? Tell us what you think in the comments section!


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