God of War 4 for PS4 Might be Announced at the Next PlayStation Experience

Many expected the God of War 4 (or the next God of War, however you want to call it) to be announced at the beginning of December at PlayStation Experience. It kind of happened, but it was just a mention in passing of which Sony Santa Monica tried very hard to erase any trace.

Before I proceed, let me put a disclaimer right here: this is full-blown speculation. We have no insider knowledge and this is just an analysis and opinion on what has been publicly disclosed. I could definitely be wrong, so take it with a grain of salt.

Today Shannon Studstill, Studio Head at Sony Santa Monica, mentioned that the developer is going to host a 10th anniversary celebration for God of War in March, and expects to play an important role in a still unannounced PlayStation Experience.


In late March we are going to celebrate 10-years of God of War in a special anniversary celebration for our fans. Hey, that’s you. We’re looking forward to this.

And while I’m sure the PlayStation Experience will be back for Round 2 sometime late next year, we expect that Santa Monica Studio will play a significant role in it yet again.


March seems early for the announcement of a full blown God of War, especially since the Game Director Cory Barlog mentioned on Twitter a while ago that the team won’t have anything to show until after E3.

“A bit longer” after E3 seems to fit a second PlayStation Experience quite perfectly. Considering the successful debut of the first edition, we can easily expect it to happen again, and Sony to push even more promotional weight into it, making it a quite suitable venue for the announcement of the next installment of the God of Warseries.

What about March? A while ago Industry Insider Shinobi602, who is normally quite on point with his reveals, mentioned a God of War: Ascension PS4 remaster, and that could fit the March 10th Anniversary celebration like a glove.

Of course many might wonder what could possess Sony to not place the announcement of God of War 4 during the year’s biggest gaming event at E3, but there are many relevant Sony teams with unannounced projects in the works, including Gerrilla Games, Guerrilla Cambridge, Bend, Polyphony, Media Molecule and more. There are also relevant second party exclusives like whatever Quantic Dream is working on. I doubt the house of PlayStation will have any issue in filling its E3 conference up with exciting announcements even without God of War.

A new God of War would be the perfect center piece of a second PlayStation Experience, and both Studstill’s and Balrog’s statements could match a possible late 2015 announcement.

Of course we won’t know until it’ll actually happen, but if you’re eagerly waiting for another of Kratos’ adventures (assuming that the game will even star Kratos as the protagonist), you may want to keep your sights firmly on the end of the coming year.

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