Game Problems By Not Having Redists, Dotnet, & DirectX Installed

Hey everyone – it is becoming more and more popular now a days where people are complaining about their game not working or that they are getting certain errors due to such and such.
Well 99% of the time is because the person trying to run the game does not have the right things installed on his/her computer to do so.

So today I am going to try to help with this and link you to the correct/trusted sites with the three most common things you need for running your game without having any problems (fingers crossed).

The three main culprits in question are:

– Microsoft Visual C++
– Microsoft .NET Framework
– Microsoft DirectX

Now things like Microsoft Visual C++ goes back a long way, as far back as 2005 for you to be able to run a lot of games without problems, so depending on games your running you will need a few of the packages.

Listed below are the packs which are recommended:

Microsoft Visual C++
 2005 (64bit) // 2005 (86bit)
 2008 (64bit) // 2008 (86bit)
 2010 (64bit) // 2010 (86bit)
 2012 (64bit) // 2012 (86bit)
 2015 (64bit)
// 2015 (86bit)

Microsoft .NET Framework
 Only one needed, this will install the required one for your computer and latest version.

Microsoft DirectX
 Only one needed, this will install the required one for your computer and latest version.

All the links above are official and trusted microsoft links.

That should hopefully fix your problems 99% of the time. The only other errors you will more than likely come across are .dll errors and for that you can find some of the most common fixes on my other blog post here.

Also note that most games you get now a days have a folder called _CommonRedist inside and it is highly suggested that you install everything in that folder for the game to run correctly.

I hope this post will help you with some problems you may encounter and please do feel free to let me know of anything else I can add or something I may of missed. Thank you and happy gaming ?

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