EA to Announce Need For Speed Underground Reboot at VGX (Rumour)

A few days ago we reported on the fact that EA was planning to announce something bigat the Game Awards tomorrow, and now we’ve chanced upon this small rumor that says EA is planning to announce a Need For Speed: Underground reboot and that Aaron Paul will be there.

Though like all rumors, take this one with a truckload of salt.

A few days ago a post popped up on the Videogame board of 4chan, that has since been removed, by an allegedly disgruntled ex-employee of Ghost Games, who developed Need for Speed: Rivals and who are confirmed to be working on the next NFS game.

So I’ve just been fired from Ghost games so I might as well leak this,
Yes we have skipped a year with NFS games, EA was at first contemplating to shut down the franchise after many titles failed to meet expectations, now as a last ditch effort they gave us more time (and horrendous working hours) to work on the new title Underground: Need For Speed
Yes this a Sequel to the Underground series, but to make it seem new we had to reboot it, make it more modern add some of the elements of 2012’s NFS most wanted
If you don’t believe me, at this year VGX we will announce the game.

We assume by VGX he means The Game Awards happening tomorrow since the VGX was cancelled after last’s year less then stellar production. He then goes on to talk about the type of cars in the game and customization options.

We are still trying to go back to the foundation of Underground by including as many import cars as possible with a healthy amount of European cars. American and Muscle cars are sadly enough almost absent besides the 2014 Ford Mustang Boss.
The customization can be broken down to Body kits, wide bumper, spoilers, Rims, spinners and we also planned to include special parts for Drag races and drift races, you can basically customize your car for the kind of race you want to do with it, Vinyls and paints also is much more expanded than first, the appearance of your car will matter, if you put it online people can give your car style points, the more style points the more your car is worth

The customization options are pretty standard for Need for Speed games though this Style points idea is something I haven’t seen before in a NFS game.

I also forgot to add, EA is now jumping on the whole Frame rate craze and the game will run at 60 fps on all systems although the Ps4 and Xbone version are a pain in the ass to make it run well, the trailer we will show will look slightly better than the endgame, 900p on PS4 and 720p on xbone, altough the xbone version is struggling to stay at 60 and MS is pressuring us to lower the Ps4 version to 720p too, EA will probably make that call, so if they say it runs at 1080p 60 fps, its damage control

The whole thing about Microsoft trying to convince EA to lower the resolution of the PS4 version sounds like something that was added to convince the 4chan audience since a lot of them are heavily anti Microsoft.

We are still in early stages but from what i could see it does try to emulate the Old NFS feel but with some burnout things like takedowns the handling
Unlocks are done through the reputation you gain in the city, the higher your rep the better the unlocks, same with cars,shops, auto lots and all are visible from the beginning
We outsourced it to the devs that made NFS nitro on DS so I honestly don’t know what to expect, the console version were EA’s highest priority no WiiU version but a special Ios version is being made and
ported to 3DS.

The author also claims that Aaron Paul will come on stage to present the game.
So there you have it. We’ve reached out to EA and Ghost Games for comment, through we don’t think it’s likely we’ll get a response.

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